Multitech Towers

Sample ImageMultitech Towers - is an ambitious project of “Manohar Singh and Company”, a leading real estate company of North India. Multitech Towers is amongstthe premium and preeminent conceptualized communities acquiring of 5 LacsSqFt .at Mohali, Punjab. Virtually 200 apartments are encapsulated with in the community.

Meritorious architect, Hafeez contractor has marked Mohali skyline with a new striking silhouette. These towers express bold as well as contemporary vision.Indeed it is the Jewel in the crown of Mohali, soaring 14 stories on the community’s prime north western IT hub Through the masterful combination of soaring space and subtle detail, Multitech Towers create an unparalleled home for body, mind and soul. You will be as proud to own your home as we are to build it.

The Crown

Sample ImageThe Crown by Hafeez contractor - is upcoming signature project from Manohar Singh & Co. Mohali prides for this treasurable trinket with the spark of all ultra modern facilities on its crown. It has the blue print of Multitech I. The flats of The Crown acquire the same size, furnishings along with the same ambiance. All suited location is an advantageous feature of these towers.The Crown is located in Sector 90 Mohali just 300 yards away from Multitech I. The community will have 150 apartments with the charm of amazing views. Indeed, these towers will signify both luxury and comfort simultaneously.

Venetian Spaces

Sample Image Venetian Spacesis a showcase project of Manohar Singh and Co., a step ahead from previously established milestone, Multitech towers (sector 91).The Company has now introduced a sprawling community in sector 112 Mohali. Venetian Spaces are located in peaceful vicinity and give access to world class facilities of Chandigarh and Mohali. Here you can marvel your well invested money in harmonized natural surroundings that beat the very best in their league, focused on entertainment and premium lifestyle at Mohali, Punjab. Exclusive, prestigious and palatial defines the Venetian villas. Your life at Venetian would be comparable to that of the best in the world.

Salient features

  • Ultra modern domicile with world class infrastructure at affordable price.
  • 24*7 power supply.

Palm Spaces - Integrated Township Project (Near Chandigarh)

Sample Image Palm Spaces - Punjab, the land of five rivers acquires integrated cultural history. This land of the Great Gurus not only boasts of ancient monuments but throbs with historical embodiments. It is no secret that whoever comes to this land of yellow fields with blue mountains, providing the romantic and picturesque backdrop, has never gone back without imbibing the essence of Punjab. Mohali is one of the major and important cities of Punjab since the ancient times and is believed to have emerged out of sea with its earliest mention being in the reign of Kanishka, somewhere around 100 A.D.

Mannat Floors

Sample Image Mannat Floors - promises you bright ideas that elevate the way you live. Located just minutes away from the heart of Chandigarh. it's a way of life you have always longed for. Here's a walkthrough of what it could be like this. It's Morning, You've just got back from a rigorous workout and open the large windows to your bedrooms, welcoming invigorating fresh air, Bright and gentle sunlight travels into add its patchwork of light and shade to this an every part of your home. Joyful constant chatter of your children and your wife's indulgent, loving words. A loving family breakfast and the whole family ventures out-kids to their school, the two of you to work just a short drive to Chandigarh.

Venetian Floors

Sample Image Venetian Floors - Punjab's finest. - Just when you thought apartment living couldn't get any better, it has. Greater Mohali Area is where you should be. This is where Venetian Floors are going to come up, where your family would love living in the not so distant future. Your home at Venetian Floors comes with the promise of the ultimate in cluster lifestyle in an architectural masterpiece. The essence of luxury living blends with all homely comforts. It's a way of life you've always deserved. Here's a sneak peek at what it could be like.